We advise our clients on the best AWS solution for their business!

We are an expert in Amazon Web Services, that is why Academy of Virtualization stands not only for professional training courses on AWS but also consulting and implementation services, especially:

  • Amazon Web Services consulting
  • Implementations of cloud solutions, with main focus on AWS
  • Migration of existing services and client infrastructure to AWS
  • Big Data
  • Desing, creation and implementation of mobile aplications (iOS, Android), which infrastructure consists of AWS resources
  • Managing our clients AWS infrastructure (wide range of companies, from small startups to large enterprises)

For last several years we have been succesfuly supporting our clients in migration and implementation projects, mainly by providing:

  • Consultancy and analysis before project kick off
  • Support during migrations
  • Availability of our specialists during whole projects, taking part in the implementation as part of the client/project team
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